You're a vital part of the Mosaic Whittier community the day you first join us.

You have talents, skills, passions, experiences — all of which are unique to you. So when you enter our community, you change us. You enhance us. You add to our character and capacity through your connection. You become a unique piece of our MOSAIC — the work of art Jesus is creating through the varied and diverse lives that create Mosaic Whittier's community. 

We invite you to share your talents, skills, passions and experiences with us. 

Take a look at the opportunities to connect with the Mosaic Whittier community. Not sure where you fit or if there's a place for your unique skill or interest? Let us know. We're eager to expand our community's borders and create that space.


Kids Mosaic provides a safe and fun atmosphere for children to play and learn during the Sunday morning Gathering. It’s a place where kids can encounter God on their level. Through creative games and lessons, Kids Mosaic helps kids to grow in their faith while they have fun. Kids Mosaic is available for children from birth to 5th grade.

Cafe Mosaic

Food has a way of bringing people together. Café Mosaic offers coffee, pastries, and a warm smile to everyone on Sunday morning. It’s the ideal place to see familiar faces and greet new ones. If you’re looking for a way to connect, join the Café team to spend the morning greeting people over coffee.

Design Circle

Design Circle is a team of diverse artists working toward one goal: bringing artistic beauty to the Mosaic Whittier community.  Independent work, collaborations, graphic design, hand drawing—whatever your artistic strengths are, there is a place for you.


The goal and passion of Mosaic Music is to create an experience that helps people engage with the presence of God. When we are connected to God, we begin to see beauty and expression come to life. If you’re a musician or singer, join us in creating an atmosphere where people can meet with their Creator.


Production coordinates the elements of worship on Sunday mornings so people can experience God and connect with each other. From setting the lights and adjusting the sound to making sure everything runs smoothly, the team aims to remove all distractions and help people focus on the gathering. If you are interested in technology or managing events, join the Live Production team!


Environments exists to prepare the campus beforehand and ensure all things are running during the gathering. We truly are a team, depending on and leaning on each other, building community as we serve. We unload and set up all equipment for various ministries, facilitate parking, ensure security, then pack up and store all equipment after the gathering. The Campus Team is a great way to support Mosaic Whittier, working alongside others to prepare the environment for Sunday mornings. If you like hands-on work with an immediate, tangible impact, consider joining the Campus Team.


Connections exists to make all feel welcome, to create community, to invite others into our community, and to connect people to serve within their strengths. We want everyone who enters Mosaic Whittier to know that they are known and that they are loved, whether they are a first time visitor or have been attending for years.

The Connections ministry serves through greeting people at our Gatherings, answering questions at the Connections table on Sundays, and seeking to facilitate opportunities for new or long-time attenders to deepen their involvement in the community. If you’re looking for a place to help others connect within Mosaic Whittier, we’d love for you to get involved!